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Salerm Shampoo & Conditioner 18oz & 21 Silk Protein LeaveIn 6.9oz

Salerm Shampoo & Conditioner 18oz & 21 Silk Protein LeaveIn 6.9oz

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Product Descriptions

  Salerm Protein Shampoo gets the best out of your hair thanks to its special components based upon natural keratin. Designed for use after technical processes. Recommended for: repairing hair after technical processes. Protects against: weak  hair. Key Ingredients: natural keratin and hydrolyzed proteins which act gently on the hair.

  Salerm Protein Balsam Conditioner Contains Selective Collagen SALERM Protein Balsam Conditioner has been specailly created to treat damaged hair (due to sun or sea exposure, permanent waves, tinting or lightening, etc.) and restore its   natural balance, leaving it soft, shiny and easy to comb. The ACID pH of the formula makes it ideal for neutralising the alkaline effect of tinting, lightening and permanent treatments.

  After washing apply a hazalnut sized amount of Salerm 21 evenly to the hair. Pay special attention to the ends and damaged areas. Do not Rinse. Comb.