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Dry, damaged hair remedies promise your hair the world, but do they deliver? If you're tired of searching and want the best conditioner for thin, color treated hair that can protect your hue and infuse it with moisture, look for a name you trust. Paul Mitchell's Ultimate Color Repair Conditioner can help replace the proteins that hair color applications destroy while making your hair stronger. Your strands will stand up against breakage and resist split-ends even better than they did before your color. A unique mixture of quinoa extracts, nourishing oils, and antioxidants provide powerful UV damage protection while promoting shine and health. And sensitive scalps, rejoice! The gentle, effective Shea butter can soothe your scalp while soybean oil enables your hair to retain hydration longer, letting you wash your hair as much as you want without worrying about irritation or drying. To top it all off, this conditioner's combination of hair healthy ingredients like soybean and jojoba oil deliver twice the hair growth promotion and even more breakage defense.