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Foam Wrap Set Lotion 950ml(32 OZ)

Foam Wrap Set Lotion 950ml(32 OZ)

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Heat activated conditioners seal each strand. Flake-free. Foaming pump dispenser provides an easy, controlled product application for full head or spot usage. Available in 32 fl. oz. and 8 fl. oz. sizes.

Deep conditions and moisturizes hair as it penetrates cuticles during dryer setting.
Conditioners and natural lubricants protect each strand during thermal styling.
Leaves hair soft, silky with exceptional shine.
Provides superior manageability with remarkable bounce and body.
Easy wet combing for effortless combouts.

How to use 

Shampoo and condition with KeraCare® products of choice and towel-blot.  Distribute Foam Wrap-Set Lotion throughout hair.  Comb through for even distribution.  Proceed to wrap set, sculpt or mold hair.  Place under dryer or use with thermal styling appliances.  Use the Extra-Hold Formula to create and retain more body or firmer curls, particularly during humid conditions.