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Baby Dove Sensitive Skin Care Baby Wash For Baby 20 Fl Oz


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From tip to toe: baby dove fragrance free moisture hypoallergenic baby wash (20 oz.) is a gentle, fragrance free baby wash that's suitable for eczema-prone skin
Safety-tested: our caring baby wash and shampoo formulas are created without dyes, parabens, sulfates, or phthalates and ophthalmologist, dermatologist, and pediatrician tested
Nourishing baby wash: made with 100 percent skin-natural nutrients, which are nutrients identical to those naturally found in skin, and prebiotic moisture to support baby’s skin natural health
Gently cleanses: the rich, creamy lather of this sensitive baby wash leaves baby's skin feeling clean, soft, and hydrated. it's also effective as a handwash
Hypoallergenic skin care: gentle enough for newborn’s first bath, our tear-free and hypoallergenic baby wash helps take the stress out of baby bath time