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Color Revitalizer 300ml 10.1 FL Oz Cinnamon Red

Color Revitalizer 300ml 10.1 FL Oz Cinnamon Red


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What it is:
Sebastian Laminates Cellophanes Hair Color is peroxide Free, ammonia free, reflective shine. Laminates Cellophanes professional service gives you a reflective brilliance and a gorgeous color for the look and feel of healthy quality hair with a wow-factor.

What it does:
The new thicker, protein-enriched formula deposits non-oxidative pure dye pigments on the hair shaft for color enhancement, without a chemical reaction. Cellophanes is non-damaging and deposit-only without ammonia or peroxide.

What else you need to know: 
Infused with non-oxidative FDA-cosmetic dyes and UV-light inhibitors in a protein enrched formula with Color Shine Acid Complex, Cellophanes Color gives you a healthy lustrous gloss.